How Your Desire For A Soulmate Can Block Love

Today’s Solar Eclipse reminds me of how you (and many powerful women I know) may be blocking love out of their life! The single biggest block to attracting the right man is the feeling of loneliness, aloneness, emptiness that craves relief. I have a client how went to a party this weekend and reported back, via text, that when she arrived, “it looked fun, but there weren’t many single men there”.  And there it is! The beginning of the eclipse that leads to staying alone!


That “BUT”…


That “BUT” led to her expressing her fear of being alone. And this is where it’s REALLY important you pay close attention because if you really get this, you’ll start to attract WAY better men! You see, even though this statement doesn’t LOOK like a fear, “but there weren’t many single men there”, it definitely IS a fear dressed up in a disguise.


When I work with clients, we re-program old beliefs… old fears we aren’t good enough, loved enouhg, won’t be accepted, and so on until a woman can walk through a fantastic life KNOWING she is SURROUNDED by great loving men and it is INEVITABLE that her soulmate is on his way to her. The REASON we do this is because of the key to successfully finding your soulmate… – drum roll -….




That means, leaving the hunting rifle at home and going out to meet PEOLE, not ‘my soulmate’. Going out to experience fun, not ‘find a guy’.


Any time we are walking into a room, and noticing whether or not there are enough single men in it for us to get a guy, we are in ATTACHMENT. And why? Because deep down we are more connected with the feeling of loneliness, of empty lack, and wishing we had a person, than we are connected to faith and certainty we are already fully loved, and that our soulmate already exists and is imminent!


It’s a difference that has NOTHING to do with where you live, the demographics of the people around you , or anything other than what’s going on INSIDE YOU.


That deep fear of ending up alone.


THAT is what blocks out the light of love. Because it causes you to ceaselessly scan the horizon for hope of a man who loves you fully — it causes expectation, hope, disappointment, and an emotional rollercoaster that can make you want to give up!


My client, after that party, aid she felt like giving up! Because she was looking for a single men at a party and there were not enough of them. But the REAL reason was because her fear told her she needed to worry about whether love will happen for her. That there aren’t enough men. That no good man is coming to her. So her focus switched to the fear instead of the faith that OF COURSE she knows she is amazing and involved in a great life where she meets lots of people and will definitely connect with the right guy!


What a HUGE difference that change makes: fear of being alone, or faith of being loved.


The first one has us living in the dark.


The other, lets us live in the light of love and joy.


Which will you choose?


Much Love, 

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