Today I’m going to show you where and how to meet great men

Most lasting, loving relationships start offline through friends, social events or the workplace so today I’ll show you how to leverage your Social Environment to meet more people (yes, including men!).

Step #1The Mindset to Meet People

Repeat the following to yourself until you hear it and believe it: “We are NOT goal oriented on meeting just men!”. You can’t go out ‘looking’ for men. That repels good opportunities to meet genuine people. just trust me on this. Your intention has to be “I am going to have fun, be myself and meet people.” By people, we mean young, old, short, tall, male, female, and all other types. Open yourself to that. Then move to step two.

Step #2Here is how to free yourself of the “Where do I go to meet people”? problem.

First, make a list of all the people you are Friends with. Then make a list of all the people you are Acquaintances with. Then make a list of people you Don’t Know Well but they are familiar to you (the person who serves you coffee each day, familiar faces at the gym, etc.)

Okay! So, now that you have people sorted into lists do the following…

Choose one person from the Friends list and reach out to them this week to reconnect by phone. Catch up with them and suggest meeting up if they are local. Set a day and time within the next two weeks to actually meet. Or if they’re non-local, set a specific day and time to talk next.

Choose one person from the Acquaintances list and reach out to them by phone (or email or text or however you CAN contact them). Express that you’ve enjoyed getting to know them and would love to grab a coffee (or some similar low-investment, casual hangout – or if you have a shared interest, suggest doing that together). If you notice a fear of rejection preventing you from reaching out, looking into your eyes in the mirror and reassure yourself that you will not be rejected. Tell yourself that you accept yourself with statements like, “I am enough”, “I accept myself so others accept me”, “Others do not determine my worth so I never feel rejected by anyone”… etc. Then do the following quick self-connection exercise before reaching out. For one minute close your eyes and picture the nervous, fearful reluctant version of you who doesn’t want to be rejected — then embrace her and LOVE her then ask her to speak WITH you as you reach out to this person. Imagine the TWO of you together speaking in one voice as a whole person, unafraid of other’s reactions. Once you’ve reached out to the person, set a specific day and time to meet with this acquaintance within the next two weeks. In this case, focus on LOCALS first.

Now, choose one person from the Don’t-Know-Ya-Well list. Reach out and say, “Hey, I don’t know ya well but I enjoy being around you and think it be fun to ____ together (grab a coffee, etc.)”. Make a plan for the next two weeks. Expect that this list often has the least results! Sometimes we need to reach out to THREE such people before one actually agrees to specific plans together — so do the SAME self-cnnection work I just mentioned above around ANY tension that shows up in your body before or AFTER these calls/emails.

Step #3If you don’t do these steps, then KNOWING what to do is not your issue.

If you wonder where to meet good men, and I give you this solution but you still don’t DO these steps then your REAL issue is an internal resistance to actually getting out around people. That’s an issue to do with subconscious fears of rejection, not feeling safe, feeling vulnerable, and other things you need to get assistance to release. Otherwise those blindspots will hold you back from allowing a great man into your life.

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Much Love!


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