Your Soulmate Shall Find You Today. (A Benediction).

Dearest girl, deep inside you know who you are.
And your inner radiance, that exuberance of joy and spirit, awaits being seen and understood by the spirit of your soulmate.
Yet, how can this happen if we hide within ourself?
How can he find what is hidden?

Sometimes, through lifes travails we retreat to the safe thorny thicket within our wounded heart and set up camp there
we lick our wounds as we look busy with life
we act
we smile
we pretend
but deep within we hold our sacred self in a dungeon for its own protection

We abscond our sacred duty to be ourselves untrammeled, unapologetic, unafraid. And we retreat to the castle of the mind. To the keep of the ego. To the fortress of isolation.

The saddest smiles are those surrounded by people who never see the ‘real me’. Your soulmate’s eyes have fallen upon your face before, but passed over it — not seeing what we keep hidden from him.
Not seeing the spark of silliness, the thrill of insouciance, the eccentricity of impulse that could define us were we not afraid of judgement, of non acceptance, of revulsion at the sight of ourselves reflected in the mirror of others’ expressions.

We proactively avoid others reactions
And thereby pass into the faceless state of wearing masks.
Masks that obscure you from your soulmate’s searching gaze.
Masks that frustrate Love’s ability to see you.

So today… go within again, but bent on different purpose.

Today, go within but carry Torch and Key.

Carry the Torch to navigate the wending ways of your fearful tunnels of self-doubt.
To reach the dark deep dungeon around your heart.

Carry the Key of self-love to open the door of your heart, creaking after many years unmoved or battered upon.
To swing open the door and free yourself from your prison.

Clamber upward, stumbling at first –up, up, up the fearful slopes to freedom!
Out and up towards the light which matches the light of your true self.
Out into the free air into which, bursting forth now,
you cough up the dust of harsh thoughts and words about yourself.
Cough up the sickening black oil of “I’m not enough”
And breath deeply of the lung-filling, abundant, life-giving air.

As this fresh acceptance fills the emptiness, the cavity of lonelness which had rested like an uneasy rock in your chest. Feel it release. Feel it loosen. Feel it lighten.

Open your eyes in the sun of this day and see all around you the BEAUTY which is YOU and YOU are IT. This is true. This is you.

This is where you belong.

And even as some blindfolded men may stumble by, jostling you from time-to-time with their unknowing,you now see how it is their blindfold, not your insufficiency, which invites this stumbling collision. And as you sail about the golden, grassy glorious field of freedom, being yourself, notice now how easily you sidestep these stumbling, blinded men. As through it all you now breathe with such ease you wonder why you’d ever hidden yourself away.

Being here with love so near, and heaven in our heart,
Your soulmate’s eyes alight upon you.

Your radiance, clear and bright.

Your loving joy, just feeling right

“Now I’m seen. Now I am,”  you look at him and say.

And he replies, “Now I’m here. As your man. Today.”

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