Don’t Be Afraid. You will not end up alone. (A Benediction).

We all dance with fear, sometimes. In the quiet moments. The lonely moments that come. Sometimes isolation visits us when we are surrounded by people, by family, on those special occasions and holidays when we feel aware that we are not like the others around us. We feel different. Not seen. Not understood.

At those times, the door to despair opens and invites us inside.

I am here today to remind you, Do not enter that door. It is not for you.

The soft voice of fear which whispers that you are not going to find someone who loves you, that you are not like anyone else, that you are not going to be accepted — it is lying to you. It is a false voice. The voice of anxieties buried deep within you as seeds in your childhood, in your teen years, in your twenties as parents, friends and lovers inflicted their fears upon you. These inflictions become inflections in our lives, changing the course of our lives in directions that separate ourselves from who we truly are.

The happy, joyous, self-loving, confident woman you are deep down becomes buried beneath self-doubt, barricaded behind the brick wall of protective toughness to spare her pain and hurt. Depression is the result of us systematically hiding from disappointment. Consciously choosing to gradually and continually downsize our expectations of love and happiness until our life is small and confining. Stifling and suffocating.

If you’ve ever stared at the ceiling in the darkness, afraid of the yawning emptiness in your future that matches the emptiness you feel in your heart, unloved by a special person…

If you’ve ever asked yourself, deep in the throes of a chaotic day, with too much on your plate, “Why do I keep doing this to myself?”, feeling over-worked and over-wrought with little or no relief and support…..

If you’ve ever just wanted to lay down and give up hoping for love, but your strong survivor’s spirit simply wont let you, and so you strive on and suffer with no end in sight….

If you’ve ever sat in nagging discomfort of a good life, most of your needs met, good family, finances and friends but something is missing… that next level of loving-life and sharing it with someone is missing….

Then you have battled with loss of faith. Loss of hope.

This is a dark place. And though you may visit, do not dwell here.

Reach down now, into that dark place and extend your hand. Feel the hand of the little girl, her hopes and dreams squeezing your hand as she desperately seeks your love and certainty. Begin to bring her back to the light, and to safety, to where you stand. To where only you can stand. To where only you can bring her. No outside accolade from work, no attention from a man on a date, no outside thing can ever bring your inner anxiety into the daylight of love and reassurance. Only you can do this.

Only you can CHOOSE to believe again. To believe in YOURSELF. To believe you have a place and a purpose here on this earth and that place and that purpose is LOVE. Pure love.

Love of yourself. Love of your inner child. Love of your insecurities and emotions. Love of the perfection of your imperfections.

And dwelling increasingly in this love, your life feels lighter and grows brighter. The load lifts from your shoulders, your brow, your heart until your spirit sings with joy at each passing experience and stranger.

Until it becomes simpler to smile than to frown. Easier to laugh and love than to cry and lament. More natural to love than to resent.

Much Love,

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