A Tool To Replace Loneliness, Sadness & Emptiness with Love and Peace

On a lonely morning, when the quiet is emptiness.
In the deathly dark night, when isolation seizes the heart.
Do not doubt, do not despair.
Your spirit is love.
Fill yourself.
And life will overflow.


Often, we can feel the most lonely in the quiet times. Many of us avoid quiet and peace for just that reason, because the silence is deafening. Because being hyper-aware that there is an empty space instead of a partner in our lives is painful. Sometimes it just nags at the corners of your awareness, like a sore sooth, aching softly and dully behind life’s distractions. Other times, we will be tempted to reach for the phone and call on someone from a past relationship who did not serve our highest good then, or now — but we are alone, and it’s making us sad, or anxious, or worse. So how do we quell, calm and reassure this feeling of loneliness, sadness, emptiness when it comes for us? How do we avoid stepping back into the darkness of our own recent past so we are not swallowed up again by the same unhealthy men, patterns and relationships?

Here is what you will do the next time this feeling happens.

Ask yourself, “What is it that really nurtures my spirit?” What activity (not person) makes you feel most connected, fulfilled, at peace yet enlivened? For some it is the creative process of making a painting, or doing some creative writing. For others it is moving their body through dance, or mountain biking a beautiful area of nature. For others, it is going to the beach to be by the water.

Find the activity that really nurtures *your* spirit. Then commit to doing it the next time the empty, loneliness gremlins come to visit. Because once you fill you own heart and soul, once they feel nurtured, loved, cared for and attended to you will feel full. That sense of love and well-being will then flood your life, making it joyful and so full of love that you become an irresistible beacon to the soulmate who is looking for you. Help him find you through the darkness by lighting up your life with love.

Much Love,

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