Why I Coach Powerful Women on Relationships

I have a gift for helping powerful women. This gift began with my Mom, who was a powerful woman. She gave me empathy. That’s why I understand the experience of dating as a single woman. She used to come home from dates and an 8-year-old Barry would give her dating advice. We lived through her relationship experiences together.

Then as I grew up I went through three stages: first, being a shy ‘nice’ nerdy guy (my teens), then a player who could meet women anytime anywhere (my twenties), then the settled down man in a committed relationship with my wife (the last fifteen years). I developed my ability to understand every type of man, and relate to women of all types. Yet, I was always drawn back to powerful women, and powerful women to me. That’s why I married Anna, a powerful woman in all ways imaginable.

When I began life-coaching, I immediately began helping powerful women understand men and relationships. At first, I was helping them “find the right guy” but it grew into a much deeper, more rewarding benefit of them transforming themselves — I began helping powerful women address the real issues that had held them back from a lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

The core of my work is self-love. The process is several phases:

1) I build your self-awareness by pointing out blindspots and empowering your own self awareness to spot when your patterns with men are coming up.

2) Identify the REAL source of these patterns. 

3) Give you practical real life tools to break these old patterns and return to a real authentic you that is self-loving, self-accepting, puts your needs first, expresses boundaries easily, and creates a healthy, fulfilling, soulmate relationship

The focus in on you. How you do have the power to change your results in the relationships area of your life, with the right awareness and guidance.

Powerful women may not easily ask for help but you deserve help and support more than anyone — you also deserve love.

I am committed to making sure powerful women like you receive the love you deserve, from yourselves first, then from your soulmate.

To get there, you just need the right support so you can see your blindspots and release your old ‘man-pattern’. That’s where I come in. I’ll provide the empathy, training, tools and experience for you to create the relationship you have always wanted –the shared love… the shared LIFE, you TRULY deserve.

Much Love,